Every day I learn something new

Today, I learned that I must never ever start a job without first checking the printer. Yep, yep...

Unfortunately, I was showing a client the autonomous tank yesterday and it was positioned on top of the printer itself. So here today in my bedroom I was adding a dash button functionality to a new Intel Edison chip and forgot the tentative status of the printer. I needed to simply start a print job so that I could immediately test pausing it. Big mistake.

Unfortunately, a number of crashing sounds told me immediately just how stupid I was being. My ~$200 tank project was slapped around by the homing of the extruder assembly which then took an initial dive, slamming into my Ikea table and then finally onto the floor. Amazingly, it seems to be in perfect shape from that 3' drop. Sadly, the Ikea table took the brunt of the damage with a gash where the tanks's 3D printed plastic webcam holder sliced into it.

Next in this tale of destruction, something must have interfered with the homing since it then immediately drilled the hotend into the plastic bed, pushing deeper as it heated up...

There's a $25 mistake if I've ever seen one. (New bed + BuildTak)

Too bad my friend but it could be worse, so move on. :slight_smile: