Exclude Region plugin is one of the best ever


So I got a notification of a new plugin recently, the Exclude Region plugin (github) Sounded cool, so I installed it, and didn't think much of it.

I was printing a part with several pieces the other day, and thanks to ABS adhesion problems, one of the parts detatched:

GAH, nuts! Great, another failed print... just as I'm about to hit Cancel, I realize I have that plugin installed. I switch to the gcode viewer and use it to draw a box over the failed part:

...and the print continues on the part that hadn't failed, pausing only slightly between each layer as it (I'm guessing here) skipped through the gcode lines for the part that had failed.

(Here is the make in question)

I've avoided doing big prints of a bunch of parts on the build plate because something always fails, and it winds up making a mess and potentially affecting other items on the print. Thanks to this plugin, that's not a thing anymore, as long as I keep an eye on the print and notice when something fails.

Reprinting a similar part today, the little pins (which really aren't all that necessary to begin with) failed, and once again, an exclusion region came to the rescue. My "good" printer is at home, and this is twice now that this plugin has saved me from cancelling prints where not everything failed, and my "good" printer is at home so I did all of this from work over a half hour away.

Big, big thanks to the author of this plugin.


Pretty sure that was originally suggested by me. I'm always printing something like...


I came to find the forums just to post the same thing. This thing is essential, and so easy to use! I even experimented and chopped off a corner of a small piece, and sure enough there's a notch in it now - a little stringing between edges because there's no retraction built in, but it did exactly what you'd expect it to do. Simple and brilliant!


Offside the scenario to save an otherwise complete ruined print this plugin also is very handy before you start a print:
For example: I often have to print a lot of similar pieces in different quantities, so I have a file with 6 pieces on the buildplate. If I need let's say 10 pieces, before I had to slice a second file for the 4 pieces - or print the 6 pieces file twice and have 2 unnecessary "spare" parts. Now I simply can exclude 2 pieces of the 6 pieces file for the second print :wink:


This seemed to be a useful plugin so I have just installed it. I have a couple of gcode files that have multiple parts so loaded one to test it. I wasn't planning on printing but wanted to see whether I could select one part to print. The selections available are rectangle or circle so selected rectangle and the prompt asked that I select the first corner. How? None of the 3 mouse buttons make the selection. There are no configuration options so I'm missing something obvious or the plugin is not working for me.


Noticed the same direct after installation. After an octoprint restart it finally worked for me ...


@BerndJM I was starting to think the same thing - was wondering if it might be a good idea to be able to select an "inclusion region" before printing instead so you could pick the parts you wanted. I'd imagine the change in coding would be trivial.

Either way, this plugin makes stored gcode files far more useful!


That worked for me too. Thanks.


I just used it for the first time for a an ABS part that came loose mid print. I was able to save the second part. THIS THING IS MARVELOUS!!!