Expectation for Thingiverse Plugin

Hello, my name is felipe and i am 11 years old, I recently installed the Thingiverse plugin (OctoPrint-Thingiverse) and the truth is that I found it very useful but I found things that could be improved.

I have two suggestions:

1)What you could do (if possible) is that the plugin you have to install in the browser can be executed in the same octopi, something like the alternative to wget for python

2)Also if it is possible, that instead of having to download the file and then import it, that it is downloaded in the same octoprint, like adding a button in the html script of thingiverse, that would be very useful if you want to print from the phone

Thanks in advance for your advice :smile:

I don't see that the author of the plugin has an account here. In a case like this it might be best to visit their repository's issues page and create a feature request.

Ok, thank you very much :smile: