External Data via MQTT on Dashboard

Hi there,

my Name is René and i'am relatively new to 3d-printing and octoprint itself. I have a slightly modified Creality Ender 5 and i have a little idea and maybe some can help me here.

I have some Boxes with filament in there (2 at the Moment) and both of them have cheap (and unpricise) combo-sensors for humidity and temperature in there. My plan is to build some more of my ESP8266-based temp/humidity-sensors and let them send the data via MQTT to a broker. And of course it will be nice to se these Data somewhere in octoprint, the best would be at the dashboard.

Is there any solution like this still here? Or would it be possible to make another Plugin to achieve this goals? Maybe modify some existing MQTT-plugin?

best greeting from berlin, René

Welcome René, my tasmota plugin (non-mqtt version) has this capability now, which will eventually make its way into the mqtt version of the tasmota plugin.

Hi Jneilliii,
I'm not that familiar with Tasmota (means i heard about it but never used it). You mean there will maybe an update in the future, and if i use Tasmota on the ESP8266 i will be able to send my Sensordata via MQTT to the Octoprint-server?

Sort of...