Extruder only moves along X-axis Mid-Print

I installed a Raspberry Pi 3 with the latest Version of Octoprint on my TEVO Tornado yesterday. When i upload a gcode file and start printing it prints fine. However, at any time during the print the Extruder only moves along the X-Axis and builds up a vertical wall of filament. At this time i will have to stop the print or it will continue forever I guess.

When I connect my printer directly to my pc via USB and print the exact gcode file with the same settings in Simplify3D the print works out perfectly without any vertical walls. Because it only behaves like that when I use Octoprint I assume that it has something to do with Octoprint.

Is there a solution to my problems or any settings that i could change?

You might get more help if you'd share some more information on your setup, especially a serial.log or at least the contents of your terminal tab: