Extruder temp not heating up

I have a CE 3 V1 and the printer isn't heating the extruder from octi-pi. I can on temp page enable the build plate heat. The heat is correctly set in the gcode. One point to note: if I set the temp to PLA on the printer on directly it works fine

Steps to repro

  1. have octo-pi running
  2. turn printer off to on
  3. connect to the printer
  4. load and print a gcode on the pi (extruder temp doesn't change)
  5. drop down the target temp to something. Doesn't change here
  6. select preheat PLA on the ender
  7. the preheat works and starts as expected

Did you maybe enable the test mode in octolapse?

If that's not the case try it in safe mode.
If that also doesn't help, enable the serial.log, reproduce the issue and upload the system info bundle zip.

I don't remember intentionally doing it