Extruder / tool numbering

I upgraded my CR-10 to have 2 extruders and (mostly) everything works fine. Only problem I have is the (tool) numbering in Octoprint. Marlin uses numbers 1 and 2 so does Cura also.

Is there a way to make Octoprint to use 1 and 2 instead of 0 and 1 in the user interface? I need to check every time which one I am controlling :slight_smile:


There's a way. I wouldn't call it an easy way for beginners.

$('th.temperature_tool[title="Tool 1"]').text('Tool 2');
$('th.temperature_tool[title="Tool 0"]').text('Tool 1');
$('th.temperature_tool[title="Tool 1"]').prop('title', 'Tool 2');
$('th.temperature_tool[title="Tool 0"]').prop('title', 'Tool 1');

As described here, it would need to be done in a simple plugin, I'd guess.

Thanks for the hint. Programming is not the issue.. Time is :smiley:

Also the Control tab -> Tool -> Select tool need some tweaking. I will need to check if I will make a plugin... later...