Facebook Login does not work


Just joined this forum and realized that the facebook login does not work.


You may discuss login problems with discourse, for they are the host of the platform.


its works in my forum. Its not set up correctly.


Can you please specify further how it "doesn't work"? Because here it works just fine as I just tested.


my browser is in spanish.


I have no idea why it's spanish, but the error at least gave me an idea. Could you try again?


now it works. My facebook just switched to spanish as i was in some Spanish group. Also no idea why.


I just logged in (not signed up) using Facebook.


Yeah, then I know what was up. I forgot to set the app to live. And because it is attached to my account I didn't (and couldn't) notice that while testing because it worked for the app owner - me. Was an easy fix, but hard for me to notice, so thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:

Good thing I'm learning Spanish :sweat_smile:


I was recently issued a GSuite account in German and upon logging in, it terraformed my entire Google experience to Deutsche. I had to visit countless settings screens throughout the entire Google-scape to adjust back my default language.