Feature Req - audio beeps


I'd like to have my PC beep when printing begins (after waiting for the warmup) and certainly again at completion. Maybe also at 10%, 20%,...
My machine is in another room so I don't have to listen to it. These annunciations would be a nice feature.

I'v also thought of exceptions being annunciated, but don't really know what to suggest. Temp exceedances?


Just a beep...?


I didn't want to ask for anything too grand, but maybe there could be a link to a mp3, then all that's needed is a trigger event(s), like:
Printing start
Printing complete <<<- these are the main events to annunciate.
Temp deviation (I've no clue if Octo detects any faults)
Progess like 25-50-75%


My M117SpeechSynthesis plugin would allow you to speak out loud M117 messages, or custom @SPEAK gcode commands to say whatever you put into the command as long as the Web page is loaded. Then in your gcode startup/end commands you put those wherever you want for it to say. I have mine saying Heating Bed, Heating Hot End, Printing, Print Complete.


You've got to think that a spoken "Print Started" (or MP3 equivalent) is better than three beeps. At least you don't have to decode number-of-beeps.


I forgot about my unpublished M300Player plugin. It will actually translate M300 gcode commands into audible "beeps" that match the M300 parameters sent. The repository even has a song that you can upload to your OctoPrint and print to test with.

That's right...Guns n' Roses Sweet Child of Mine. Play with the settings for different sound effects, etc. some work better than others for going between tones for multiple M300 commands in a row.