Feature Req: Thermal Runaway System Snapshot


Greetings all- I had an instance of Thermal Runaway error overnight on a long print. When the system halted, no more data updated the tempgraph. Too much time had passes and the graph cache scrolled out of range so I don't know if the error was for overtemp or undertemp.

Logs only say-
"2018-09-01 10:19:38,195 - octoprint.util.comm - WARNING - Received an error from the printer's firmware: Thermal Runaway, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0"

Is it possible to take a snapshot of the tempgraph or get a dump/status on the terminal output at an occurrence like this? A little bit more information would go a long way to diagnosing the problem.

thanks in advance


Was just reading this tutorial today and was wondering if it could do as you've requested.

  1. Presumably this would run from a script on your workstation rather than the Raspberry itself
  2. The "headless Chrome" session would visit the http://octopi.local/#temp page & tab and make a screencap of it
  3. Presumably, you'd setup an event handler by editing the config.yaml:
  enabled: True
  - event: Disconnected
    command: python ~/scripts/screencap.py ipAddressOfWorkstation
    type: system
    enabled: false

And then a script called screencap.py in this case would contact your workstation to make the snapshot.