Feature Request: API extension for "power on printer"


the plugin structure is great and i am using plugins now to turn on my printer and start printing.
but i have to implement that also in the slicer software / plugin

as long as there is no offical API for "Printer power on" / status it will not be implemented in slicer software

it only needs a rudimentary implementation which can be extended with plugins

kind regards


Most plugins have an API of their own. What plugin do you use to power on your printer?


yes i know ..i use psucontrol
modified it for automated connection, modified the cura plugin for automated turn on .. and print

but if you look at slicer they have no plugin ..the feature is integrated into the software.. and also other software

and if there is no offical api they wont implement such feature ..at least i wouldnt

thats why we need an offical (octoprint supported) API for this feature ..so that other developer can rely on it, to stay the same


Have you considered sharing the changes to the plugin?

(Note that I am not saying there is a 100% guarantee of adding your changes, but they are >0% :wink: )


i made a pull request for psucontrol

and the change for the octoprint plugin is here

and i think on 3.2

but i didnt figure out how to merge to newer versions so i never made a pull request