[feature request] chamber temp. as preset

Hi there,

I'm very happy about the latest (1.3.11) implementation to set the chamber temperature. Finally I can use the FunmatHT with octoprint.

There's just one minor issue I noticed: While I'm able to define temperature presets for extruder and bed, there seems to be no way to preset it for the chamber. However, the dropdown menu is available; but all the materials I've defined before updating to 1.3.11 show "(null°C)" as preset. Materials I've defined after the update just show "(Off)".

Is this just a missing feature or is it a side-effect of updating?

Hi unwohlpol,

we also have the Intamsys Funmat HT Enhanced at our company and wanted to connect it with Octopi.
Could your share your OctoPi-Printer-Configuration?

Greetings from Germany,