[Feature Request] File browser improvements

I'd like to bring your attention to this old issue:

I have a fairly long list of old printed gcode files on my octoprint instances, but often they have generic filenames and it's hard to remember what they were after a while. I wish the file browser could give me more information about existing files!

I would like to suggest a different variant of the proposed thumbnail feature that should be easier to implement than STL/gcode previews, where OctoPrint just snaps a still from the webcam at the end of a print and associate a small icon of it with each file. It would allow more types of file lists, with icon views, gallery views etc. It would also allow previews for the timelapse download list.

Something along the lines of image with the ability to click to zoom in.

Another addition that I would really love to see in the file browser is the ability to sort the file list by "copies printed" .. I don't know how OctoPrint tracks the success status of each uploaded file today, but perhaps this metadata can be extended with more fields like copies printed, previous print duration, previous failure type and so on?


Some of this might be able to be incorporated into Print History. I like the concept of the saved snapshots on print complete and having thumbnails. I might be able to take this on as my next plugin during the holidays.

I also have a feature request to my STL viewer plugin to incorporate gcode viewer, but that has seemed to be tricky from my research.

How difficult can it actually be to be able to show a thumbnail preview of the file? For someone who master programming. I mean, repetier server does it perfectly, and have done it for years. So its obviously possible. I think its unbelievable that octoprint dont have this feature. And its also the reason im still using repetier.

I did make a separate plugin that will allow to load the gcode file and show in 3d on the gcode viewer tab.

I also recently created an ultimake format package plugin that will extract the thumbnail image.

For the later you have to use Cura and @FormerLurker is working on integrating it with his Cura plugin. You basically use file export option and save as ufp file type. Then you upload the ufp file to octoprint.

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But its not possible to get a thumbnail preview if i use prusa slicer? Or does it work?

The gcode3d plugin will work.

Came across this plugin today...haven't tested but gives a non-interactive preview of gcode files.

Hey jneillii!
Would it be possible to put the preview images from the ufp plugin into the files browser? without clicking the little button? That would make the print browsing so easy!

It's possible, but I'd probably do it as an option. IMHO the file list is kind of cluttered and adding a preview image to it would increase that clutter. Would also reduce the number of files displayed in the list. Please post a request in the issue tracker though for it.