Feature request: mass delete/move files

My Octoprint files area is getting a bit messy - I wanted to delete some stuff, and create some folders to clean up. I'm finding that deleting and/or moving multiple files a bit tedious :slight_smile:

Feture request to be able to have a check box next to files - check the ones I want to delete/move, then action it with a delete or move - so it can be done more efficiently.

I suppose this could be done in a plugin too.

Not a huge issue - but a nice-to-have.

You can do this with:

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Thank you - this helps a lot. The plugin could use some improvements, but appears to not be in active development.

You are free to make requests here:

But keep in mind: All this stuff is made by volunteers during their free time.

Yes of course - I've been using "Open Source" since the 80's - so fully aware and appreciative of peoples work.

Yeah, that plugin author has kind of gone away and has a couple of plugins that aren't really maintained anymore. I typically check the network section of insights and PRs on the repo to see if there are any other forks that have been updated, etc.in that case. Since you've been working with FOSS since the 80s you probably already know that trick though. This one specifically though doesn't look like it really has either.

Nah, no GitHub in the 80's - mainly comp.sources.unix :joy:

In fact "open source" wasn't even a term.

Thank you for your assistance though.

Quickest way is to ssh onto the Pi and use the command line to locate the uploads / folders - which you will find at ~/.octoprint/uploads.

You might have to connect the pi up to a screen and keyboard to set/reset the pi user password.

I use ssh-copyid from my Ubuntu laptop to copy my ssh key over to each pi so I only have to set the password when I boot and configure for the first time. Then its no more passwords. :slight_smile: