Feature Request: Octoprint connect to printer over LAN

Hi, I've used Octoprint for many years and I love it. I recently got an Ender 3 V3 KE which I'm going to try to keep unmodified for a change. I'd still like to use Octoprint with it, but I don't want to get another Raspberry Pi. Instead I've got Octoprint running on one of my many big desktop computers with Docker. Sadly, I don't see a supported way to connect it to my printer over my network. I see the printer has port "9999" open which I see is what the Creality Print desktop application uses to connect and interact with the printer. Maybe Octoprint itself or a plugin could be created that uses this port to reach the printer and give regular Octoprint joy. One of the top features I'm hoping to use is simply just the console to interact a bit with this Klipper firmware. Maybe this is an unreasonable request. :\

...but if it's got klipper doesn't it already have built-in wifi and it's own web interface using fluidd or mainsail?

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Hi @jneilliii - It's a Creality Ender 3 V3 KE - it has Klipper, but as far as I can tell after owning it for a day, it's not really open. I have no idea what the Web front end actually is nor do I see how I can replace it with vanilla builds of any of the open source options. Hopefully the mystery will lift, though I also admit, this machine is pretty decent in its stock configuration at this time. But I assume the day will come when I'll want to modify the hell out of it.

Wifi to send the gcode and control printing is a gamble on a 3d printer. Slightest hiccup and you lose the print.

I don't think the port you see open that Creality Print uses will be anything that can work with OctoPrint - we need a serial port communication. It is possible to do that over the network, but as mentioned just above it can be flaky compared with a simple cable. Without breaking into the printer and fully customizing the software on it I highly doubt you'll be able to connect much to it.