[Feature Request] On Boot, send M117 when in Safe Mode

So Octoprint loaded in safe mode, probably not a big deal, a reboot should fix it. However, I started a 8h print and since octoprint is in safe mode, the plugins are not loaded. And to be honest, it's kinda hard to not have all those great plugins working, such as dashboards, time remaining on the lcd, etc etc.

So I was wondering if there is a way that when Octoprint starts in Safe Mode, it would send a "M117 ** OctoPrint Safe Mode" command so that when I look at the printer before a print, I will quickly see it and reboot octoprint before starting printing?


You might consider adding this as a feature request, perhaps something like "add Safe Mode to statusbar" or similar suggestion.

Are you printing from the printer's SD card?

No. From Cura sending the info to OctoPrint.... But this topic has nothing to do with printing, I am just requesting Octoprint to sent a M117 message to the printer as soon as he is connected. Thx.

This should not be in "Get Help"... is a feature request...

You may then pull a request in the github.