[Feature Request] Pushover Plugin: push a picture at regular intervals while printing


Hi all!
I am using the Pushover plugin and I like it very much. Would it be possible to add the feature to push a picture at regular intervals, as long as the print is going on? With intervals to be chosen? So I would get a pushover message with a picture of my print every x minutes as long as the print is not finished? That would be great!


The Telegram plugin can do this.
And the Discord plugins too: No 1 and No 2


@THHL : So, did it help you?


Hi Ewald,

not yet... :slight_smile:
Since I am using Pushover mainly for my home automation, I am happy that I can use the same tool for OctoPrint, too. I don't want to start using a 2nd similar App only to be able to use the requested feature. Maybe if I find the time I could look into the source of the plugins you mentioned and try to copy this function into the pushover plugin. But I am no Perl programmer, really.


Hi, developer of the plugin here.

I am planning on developing such features. (they are also mentioned on Github). There is only one thing that is holding me back. At the moment everyone uses the same API key for sending notifications, and those API keys have a limit. More notifications means I will get to this limit faster.

For your idea that API key has a limit of 25.000 notifications each month (default is 7.500) and at the moment of writing there a no more notifications left. So fixing that on some way is my first priority.


Hi thijsbekke,

if I remember correctly, I put my own personal API key into the configuration of the plugin, but not sure any more since it is some time ago... If so, I would have my own personal limit of 7500 messages per month, correct?
Maybe the plugin could only provide this feature if one uses ones personal API key and the feature would be locked otherwise?


Correct you have your own limit.

The plan is what you described get extra type of notifications when you have your own API key.


This sounds great, looking forward for the things to come :smiley:
I you need a beta tester, I would love to volunteer...



Jason Millward (https://github.com/JasonMillward) created this feature. You can test it, it is merged in de master branch en wil create a release soon when I add more events.

Will you let me know when you run into a problem ?



sure, will test it as soon as it's available AND I got my printer up an printing again - the printer is a kind of construction area atm :laughing: