Feature request - Show more accurate time code in the temperature graph


Would it be possible implement the following features to the temp graph?

Feature request 1
It would be good if there is way we can mouse over the temp graph
e.g. the heat bed graph or the hotend etc
and find out how long it actually took to heat up to the bed from 0 to 100 etc..

Right now when we mouse over the curve of the temp graph,
we can find out how much degrees it was at that point of the curve
but there is no time code/duration at that point in the graph. so we don't know the exact time it took to reach that temp or how long a certain temp was maintained on the graph..

Yes, there is that -Xmin time axis on but it is hard to know the exact value of that time..
Also why is the X axis written with a negative minutes on the graph? e.g -24 min
It seems to be more confusing to understand since we tend to see time values to be positive, not negative on a graph.

Feature request 2
click two points on the graph line (marked with an X) will show the exact time duration between those two points click


Hey madmax2,

did you take a look at the Octoprint Plugin Repo?
There you can find the OctoPrint-Tempsgraph plugin by Robin Vanhove.

I was looking for a similar feature as you and this plugin did the trick (minus the option to calculate the time difference between two points, but the zoom option makes this easier).

kind regards


Thanks for the suggestion of that plugin..
It looks like it has some of feature I requested plus zoom-able graph is good.

I will check it out.

It is just missing the duration between two X mark points
This would let us quickly know how long it took between two points on the graph
without us need to do the calculations ourselves.

Maybe we can do a feature request on that plugins page for feature 2?

Generally I prefer to not install too many plugins (unless it is necessary)
since it can use more memory on the pi and increase resource usage on the pi
but if this is the only way to get these features, then I will use the plugin.


Another option would be to query the API and process the temperature information externally if you require some real custom output. I am using that to have a long term graph via snmp in Cacti. An example output is here:

/usr/bin/curl -H "X-Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY" http://localhost/api/printer? 2>/dev/null
  "sd": {
    "ready": true
  "state": {
    "flags": {
      "cancelling": false, 
      "closedOrError": false, 
      "error": false, 
      "finishing": false, 
      "operational": true, 
      "paused": false, 
      "pausing": false, 
      "printing": false, 
      "ready": true, 
      "resuming": false, 
      "sdReady": true
    "text": "Operational"
  "temperature": {
    "bed": {
      "actual": 17.3, 
      "offset": 0, 
      "target": 0.0
    "tool0": {
      "actual": 16.8, 
      "offset": 0, 
      "target": 0.0

You could easy process that locally with awk, sed and grep, add timestamps and use gnuplot or even some spreadsheet software to make a graph.

Jan P.