[feature request] timelaps... repeat last frames


I use the build in timelaps function of octoprint.. works well but the videos are uncomfortable to watch.
Unfortunately, the recording is simply ended immediately after the print job and you only see the finished object for a very short time



To loop the last frames i use:
ffmpeg -i PP_Orion_Heatsink_Fan_Duct_1.1_50_0.16_20200327084340.mpg -vf tpad=stop_mode=clone:stop_duration=2 out.mpg

So my request:
if you think it is a cool feature. Could you add the option in the timelaps plugin to loop the last frame for X seconds?



To my defense. >I take a look at the config but the wrong one. But great that i can now save time and i no longer have to do it manually :heart_eyes: