Feature request: webcam href on button or view


It would be really handy if the webcam view included an "<a href=" to the camera's stream to enable right click and open in new browser window, especially when using (and wanting to view) multiple cameras. Stream is externally available anyway, so if I can remember the URL I can already achieve this, but remembering the stream URL is a pain. Clicking the image (or right clicking the select button) would be more intuitive.

The same approach to other UI elements such as temperature graph, GCode viewer, etc. would also give much more flexibility in screen layout, but would likely be much more complicated to implement than just adding an "<a href=" for the camera's existing stream.

Thanks everyone.

PS: First post. Love using OctoPrint. Sorry if this is not the correct place for feature suggestions.

You can use http://octopi.local/webcam/ if that makes life easier for you :slight_smile:

Useful info - thanks. I see that I can get the additional web cams with "http://octopi.local/webcam2/" etc. (lucky guess). It would still be intuitive to have an href on the UI, but that is a great suggestion. Presumably the stream is being relayed through this URL rather than just mapped across to the underlying URL, but like accessing the stream directly, it does not seem to pick up on any image mirroring set in the multicam profiles settings. Might be possible to pick that up with with "style=transform:" tags in the html. Thanks for your advice - much appreciated.

Nope - it is just a different way of accessing the stream directly. Haproxy on the Pi exposes the webcam servers as octopi.local/webcam, and if you follow the multiple camera guide it gets you to add the others as /webcam2 etc. All of the flip options in OctoPrint's UI are applied using transforms like you mention in the UI, not on the actual stream.

Put a feature request on Issues · OctoPrint/OctoPrint · GitHub and maybe someone looking to contribute will pick this up - since it is quite simple it would be ideal for someone looking to make their first PR to OctoPrint.

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