[Feature Request] - Webcam & Timelapse - MPEG4 support?

Are there any plans in the future to add MPEG4 or newer support to the base Webcam & Timelapse functionality within Octoprint? MPEG2 is a rather old and not supported by Youtube any longer. It would be nice to be able to upload these without having to find or buy video editing software just for time-lapse videos.

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You mean like this?

I've also created a plugin last week that allows for previewing them within the browser without uploading for someone here on the forum. I've also submitted these changes to the core of OctoPrint.

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Unfortunately, youtube does not accept that format either for video uploads.

Here are the formats that they currently support.

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Of course youtube does accept video files encoded in h264.
The the libx264 option even puts it in a mp4 container.


That's not correct. Just testet it with this test file

Thank you I was not aware of that, I will try it and see how it goes.

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