[Feature Request]


There's a lot of white space on the UI, it would be awesome if I could utilize that as a note pad for basic text. Just something as equally as generic as windows Notepad but also searchable. So if I had notes on settings for a certain type of print or notes on other things, I could keep them there and they'd be there every time power up the pi. Any way to implement that?

If this is not the place for feature requests, please direct me to where is.


That would be a fairly easy plugin to implement that just uses the SettingsPlugin and TemplatePlugin mixins. Your template would basically be a floating div with a single textarea input element on the page to take up the extra space on a widescreen monitor.


I understood...some of those words...

I don't know the first thing about anything you just explained sadly.


No worries. But in essence, something like this? Where the sticky pad stores the data between sessions/connections.


Yeah! That exactly! How'd you do that?


It's just a mock-up using the internal pop-up message system of OctoPrint. It would require some tweaking to make the text persistent between connections. Using that internal system would make it even easier to create a plugin, I don't think you would even need the TemplatePlugin mixin. Give me a few minutes and I'll see if I can whip something up for you.


Little trickier than I thought, but here's a rough proof of concept. Install using the following url in plugin manager. Right now it has issues with returns as they are getting converted to html code, I'm assuming by the PNotify library, but will have to dig deeper to figure out for sure.



Hi @icancwhatusay, you may also have a look on this thread.