Filament Encore possible issue?


I have an issue with this plugin possibly. When i trip the switch, it pauses and pulls away from the part, backs out the filament, and turns off the extruder/bed. If I add new filament while its still hot, and click resume it will work just fine. If I attempt to manually turn on the extruder temp, or attempt to extrude (to purge) it kicks my entire octoprint instance offline. I've ran 3 machines in a row, and verified if I don't command it at all during the pause other than click resume it works as intended. I'm wondering what I should supply in order to see what in the world is going on with my octoprint/printer/pi?

This also might be tied to something else, it appears my cancel button no longer works..

Hi @diyengineer!

Can you share the scripts you have for filament change?

Why do you switch off the heating for filament change?

  1. If the heatbed gets too low, the model loses adhesion
  2. If the hotend gets too low, the printer denies extrusion.