Filament manager - choose spool directly from the slicer


Good evening,
I use to starting a print job directly from the slicer but every time I forgot to select the right spool before a job starting. Is there a way to select the right spool directly from url, from the slicer?


What printer are you using?


I'm using an Ender 3 Pro.


it would be nice that it read cura or other programs comments in the gcode to figure this out.. and if it doesnt ahve that spool listed offer you to match it to a spool (even after the print) to move teh datat to the right spool maths..

(as well as beign able to see this in the history plugin with actual used amounts and which spools on the database.. perhaps basic setting slike layer height and temp and bed adhesion options on that database too)


the intent is that after a while it should find the average temp printed on that spool and show it. so you get the best options
and create your usage logs for spools ( for accounting purposes) and settings logs for later references.
perhaps even be able to chose a spool wehn filament out is run and you put a new spool on to have to chose it to keep going..
or change it later if there were say 3 changes or jams..
and a simple qr code generator to print a small address lable for teh spool with these settings and the qr code to chose spool iwth