Filament Manager MMU2 single Tool select + MMU2 Select Filament

I have updated my Prusa MK3S with the MMU2.
I configured 5 Extrude with one shared hotende and Filament Manager offers me now tool 0..4.
So far so good for multi color print.
Now I have a model sliced in the PrusaSlicer in single mode.
My expectation: I can select which filament color I want to use in OctoPrint. For this case I want to use the second spool (Tool 1).
Here is what happens:
I start the job in OctoPrint, Filament Manager asked me for the right spool, I select the PLA for the 2. spool (Tool 2) but Filament manager expects that I use the 1. Tool and denied the printing.
My work around: I put in Tool 0 and Tool 2 the same spool and started the process again.
Now Filament manager allows me the printing and after the dialog of Filament Manare the dialog of
"MMU2 Select Filament" is shown and let me select the "Tool 1" (the second spool) which he gets from Filament manager.

Is it possible to change the order in which "MMU2 Select Filament" and Filament Manager is shown or how do you manage ?

thank you