Filament manager override?

I know it's a known issue that the filament manager plugin isn't always that accurate. Is there a way to override the "runout" warning and resume your print?

Right now I'm having to manually edit the plugin in database to add additional weight in order to resume my print. Is there a better way?

I just ignore the message, never had it interfere with a job. Possibly a preference option, will check later. I am also running release candidate of spool manager. I think last time, one of them was on 0 left and the other was on -17.

I get an "insufficient filament" warning. It doesn't matter if I click the x or the play symbol, it won't let me resume my print till I manually make the remaining spool level higher than the entire requirement for the print.

I'm running Octoprint build: 1.4.2
filament manager build: 0.5.3

Yes I checked the options for Filament Manager and I dont have the 'Pause print when filament runs out' check box checked. Hence I never have an issue. I just have the warning switched on.

I mean, I like the warning. I just wish the play/continue button worked properly. Do we know who the developer is?

The Developer will be on the Plugin Page, but I don't believe it is actively developed any more. That is why Spool Manager was developed, I beleive It has just been offical released as V1, I have ben using it awhile in tandom with Filament Manager, and Spool Manager is a good replacement.

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Thanks! Spool Manager is great. Fwiw I had to use the url. I couldn't find it in the plugin manager.

Just FYI, it is not in repo yet as it is in 'review' stage, so hopefully in the coming days it will pop up.

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fyi: It is now in the repo:


FWIW it bugs me that the photo is of something that isn't actually part of the plugin

I don't get it. Which photo?

The one in the thumbnail.

Sorry, but the thumbnail shows the implemented Edit-Spool-Dialog.
What part did you miss ? Draw me a picture...maybe that helps me :wink:

Where is that dialog in the current plugin? I don't see that functionality in the repo version. As far as I know you have to edit a csv and upload it. Where is that function supposed to be?

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Thank you! I don’t know how I kept missing it.

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Am i using the correct filament manager? I just changed repositories based on the message I got recently.

I don't have that UI or the Spools tab.

That UI is from the Spool Manager plugin, not Filament Manager.

Thank you for taking over Filament Manager, I was undecided as to the right way forward but now you have both plugins you can build something from the best of both. My only plea would be that there's a choice over the database, I already have MySQL on a Pi, and to support Octofarm, MongoDB.. MongoDB might actually be a better choice, reading the docs.. Might be better if I figured out how to use the OctoFarm filament manager but that's another story..

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I wish I could but as an Octodash user I'm married to filament manager.