Filament Manager - Remind to select Filament before print


Feature request: I always forget to choose the correct filament when I start a job. And once you do this one time this plugin is no longer of any use as it does not have the correct information. If at all possible can you add an option (that folks can enable should they decide) to pop an alert to choose the correct filament before each print job is started?

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Hey guys. I´ve installed this plugin, and the "Dialog to confirm selected spools" is weird. I can only select the same option that is already selected at the main window. If it´s selected ABS, I start a job, and I want to set it´s PLA, it doesn´t accept the change. It only allows me to select ABS if I want to print.

Anyone with same issue?


It's not an issue. The purpose of that dialog is to prevent a print with the wrong filament selected by confirming the already selected spool. It's not meant to change the selected spool.


Thanks. But let’s say I’ve selected the wrong filament, once there is a dialogue box, it would be nice if I could select the right one, instead of canceling and select another one.

I’m my point of view, if it’s just for this, a question like “are you sure xxx is the right filament” was enough. Don’t need a window to select again the filament.


You can read more about this topic on the issue tracker of this plugin on Github. To make things short: The behavior will not be changed.


Is there anyway to add a button in the list of filaments that basically resets a filament spool back to 0% used.

So if I use all my white PLA, I just slap a new spool up, click reset, confirm and hey presto, I'm ready to go. :slight_smile:

Thank you!



Just use the duplicate action and delete the old one :wink:


Thank you, that works to get around the missing feature.


In my mind, it's a database application. In theory, there may be more use in preserving the original record. Sometime in the future, you might be able to query that history of data to answer cost-related questions, perhaps.


I understand, but really all I care about is not running out of filament during a print.


I have been thinking about this plug in. How do you find the accuracy going from a kilo to 0?


When I remember to select the correct spool, it's not bad. I'm just really forgetful so I wish it was more interactive.


Hello, I'm another that forgot to correctly setup spool before starting a new print. I agree too with your request.