Filament Manager & Spool Manager

I am new to the forum amd to octoprint, therefore I hope I am placing this question at the right place.

If have installed both plugins:

  • Filament Manager
  • Spool Manager

But I am not sure if i realy need both, or if they corrupt each other. But my impression was that the spool manager offers more details?!

Now I am faced with the situation that I can see both plugins at my left column but I am not able to create a Tool 0 Spule auswählen at the Filament Manager

Do i realy need both?
Can i run both? Does it make sense?
How do they interact or are they completely seperate from each other?
Due to the fact, that i am only able to collect the info of used length, and not the used weight, how can I use the Filament Manager?

Many thanks in advance for your help

Probably doesn't make sense to run both. I would just pick the one that has all the features you need and then just use that one.

They were originally written by two different authors but are now maintained by the same author. Filament Manager is the older plugin but, according to the current author, its features eventually will migrate into Spool Manager. See the details and/or the homepage which are links in the OctoPrint Plugin Manager for each plugin.

If Spool Manager has all the features you want at this time, you probably don't need both.

Hi Brad,

Many thanks for the information. I will choose the Spool Manager only from now on.

Greetings Oliver


You are right, I just read the other comment, and I will go with Spool Manager only from now on.

Many thanks



Is there a possibility to get in contact direct with the Authors?


Go to the Homepage of the plugin which is usually on GitHub, login/register with GitHub (its free), and open an issue for the plugin.

For Spool Manager, it's

Dear Brad,

Many thanks


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