Filament manager stats not showing in sidebar

I just installed Filament Manager for the first time, setup my spools and profiles. I sent a print to OctoPrint from Cura direct and it asked me which spool I was using. It also appears under the filament manager bottom left of sidebar. But during the print it does not show me the stats under State in the sidebar. Am I missing something dumb? Maybe it’s not compatible with the latest version of OctoPrint?

I just switched to this. I highly recommend it.

Will give it a try. Thanks!

So I installed Spool Manager and was also looking for a real time filament remaining status but this doesn’t have one either?

Does it only update when the printer has finished?

Currently there is no real time stats regarding filament usage. It only collects the values after a print.
Technically it is possible to implement....but from the priority it is "far away" from other enhancements :slight_smile:, sorry!

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