Filament Manager vs Filament Manager

Hi everyone,

New Octoprint user - and having a ball! Trying to get a better handle on remaining filament - so I thought I would install a "filament manager" :rofl:

I've installed OllisGit New Verison 1.9.1 Filament Manager & imrahil / OctoPrint-PrintHistory . And then there's Spool Manager - which I've now disabled.

So where I'm confused is that it seems like there are two independent places where I can define filament/spools. In PrintHistory, the spools I've defined in the Filament Manager located in the left navigation pane, are not listed - it seems to have its own list.

I've read the abandoned plugin issue - but it's still not clear to me which "filament manager" is being tracked in PrintHistory? And what is the intent of Spool Manager, since it seems like it's accomplishing the same thing as Filament Manager?

(I have screen shots, but I don't see an option to include them in this post)

Here's the screen with PrintHistorySettings - Spool Manager - notice the name of the spool. And to the right is the Filament Manager plugin which has the actual spool I'm printing with:

Here's a list of all of the Filament Manager spools:

Both of these seem to be tracking - although Filament Manager spools seem to be associated automagically with the print.

Seems there's a feature request to integrate Print History with Filament Manager (two in fact)

So Filament Manager was abandoned by it's author, and Spool Manager was created as a plugin with more features kind of replacing it/competing with it. We do sometimes have competing plugins if they do different things. But currently, Filament Manager and Spool Manager are 'maintained' by the same person. I would recommend Spool Manager to anyone starting out fresh since it is being actively developed and new features added, whereas filament manager will only be fixed if it breaks.