Filament measurement with Infidel


To check filament diameter, I created a small Arduino sketch to measure this with an Infidel (YouMagine – InFiDEL - Inline Filament Diameter Estimator (lowcost) by Thomas Sanladerer – YouMagine 🔧), an Arduino and LCD-display. The Arduino does some statistics to make the display more useful. Alas the display is a bit small to show more accuracy, so it might be an idea to have a plugin and send data over the serial line. It could be a nice addition to a print job report too.

The data could be used to compensate extruder feed, but buying quality filament is probably a simpler solution.


Fred Jan

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Some more info and sketch source code at: GitHub - electrickery/InfidelRunningStat: An Arduino implementation of running statistics of the I. Note it currently isn't very polished.