Filament runout support

Right now, OctoPrint only pauses because Marlin follows up with a backup pause command


Is there a reason there isn't a filament runout script configureable under settings > gcode scripts that runs when filament_runout is received?

Because AFAIK action commands are Marlin specific. Action Commands might do what you want.

action commands are supposed to be specified in the gcode spec.

that plugin is nice I was trying to get it working yesterday but was having issues with it interfering with the pause action command that comes right after

got a source?

Right, so OctoPrint will catch //action:* and do something if supported as well as pass it along for plugins.

Currently core handles start, cancel, pause, paused, resume, resumed, disconnect, sd_inserted, sd_ejected, sd_updated.

What your looking to do would need to be handled by a plugin at this present time. Handling out_of_filament might be kind of tricky since it's thrown before a pause action.