Filament Runout

I've just realised (always somewhere behind the pack) that I need to use Octoprint to detect filament runnout (rather than printer main board). I see no reason not to use the stock detector which looks very similar to this

There are several filament runout detector plugins, any recommendations? Ant reason not to use stock detector? In the short term just interested in runout but I guess jam might be handy later.

I would recommend:

It's quite versatile

I will second the Enclosure plugin as my testing found it to be the most reliable one of those that I tried. My "detector" is essentially the same as the one you have linked to.
Good luck and I think you will find it quite useful.


Thanks guys, you saved me ages loading and testing each plugin, I'll go with your suggestion.

OK, I think I've got it. Something like this, untested.

I wonder if there's any sort of agreed standard for which GPIO to use? I thought I'd use GPIO4 (pin 7), it's the first spare GPIO and you can't use it for DS18B20 (although I haven't found yet why that is the case)?