Filament scale enhanced - GPIO used

I want to know how to change the GPIO used fort Data (DT) and clock (SCK) in the plugin Filament Scale Enhanced. I've seen that the GPIO port is set in file. If I change the port in this file, it is OK ??

Hello @PierreG !

For the scale hardware uses DT/SCK for data transfer, I'm not quite sure if other GPIO pins would work.

Yes it works. On the page given as an example for the installation of the load cell, the HX711 is connected to GPIOs 5 & 6.

If you don't use the dedicated SDA and SCL pins, the plugin selects bit bang I2C?

Here is the latest bad news. I have tried everything. I have re-installed Octoprint at least 4 or 5 times, a few times it works, and after a few minutes it doesn't work, and sometimes it doesn't work at all.
I give up ... I will do more tests maybe in a few months, if the plugin stabilizes, or maybe other things will be released in the meantime.

Good continuation.