Filament sensor for Creality CR10-S

Hi all,

First - thanks for Octoprint and Plugins. Love it! Great work all.

I have a Creality CR10-S with the stock filament sensor hardware.

Does anybody happen to know the GPIO settings I should use with one of the Octoprint filament sensor plugins for this?



OK so my misunderstanding here...

I've updated the Marlin FW in the Creality and looking at the source it's Pin 2 on the Arduino in there (or whatever it is).

I've verified that it's detecting filament outage and then it's auto-running the default command which is M600 filament change.

I'm wondering whether to change that to work better with the plugin or whether the plugin can detect an M600 initiation...

Automagically running an M600 is probably good enough. You shouldn't need a plugin.

For those times when the filament ran out because it was the end of the spool of your favorite color and you don't have a spare, manually cancelling the print through OctoPrint should be acceptable.