Filament Sensor to Pushover - missing link

Hi all

Using a direct drive extruder and wanting to add a filament runout sensor to the Raspberry Pi.

I see a plugin ( Octoprint-Filament by MoonshineSG ) which will detect the sensor switch signal change on the Pi GPIO pin, and issue a 'pause print' instruction to the printer.

I also see the plugin 'Pushover' to send notifications.

What I can't find is a way to link a Pi connected runout sensor to Pushover.

I do NOT want to pause the print when the sensor triggers - I want only to send the notification via Pushover, so I have about 3 - 4 minutes to get to the printer, load new filament, and do the manual filament change when I am ready.

Is there a plugin that would either :

  1. monitor the Pi connected sensor and issue an M300 gcode to the printer ( i assume there is some kind of buffer stream that is used to queue code to the printer ) ? This would activate the Pushover plugin to detect the M300 and send a notification on the Pushover service.
  2. modify the Pushover plugin to monitor, and react to, the Pi connected sensor ?