Filament weight and length diff from Cura profile

Hi All, I'm new to 3D. I notice that the print show different Filament weight and length from the Cura slicer file but the Filament Manager is counted correctly.

Filament (Tool 0): 2.94m / 8.78g

21kg * 7.06m

Is this normal?

Thank you.

I have seen differences, but that is mahoosive!

Both Cura and Filament manager rely on the material density, which needs to be entered/configured. It sounds like you may have a unit wrong in one of the applications.

Filament manager is correct when it deduct the usage. If not mistaken Filament (Tool0) is under octoprint. I have confirmed that both Octo and Cura have the same setting, density 1.24, diameter 1.75.