FilamentManager vs SpoolManager


I'm slightly confused. I thought FilamentManager was deprecated and not used anymore.
I switched everything to SpoolManager some weeks (months?) ago.

Now I notice that FilamentManager is also getting updates again and seems to be better supported by most plugins.

Which one should be used for the time beeing? My guess is FilamentManager, and as soon as enough features are migrated SpoolManager?
Maybe @OllisGit could shed some light on future plans, as he seems to maintain both now :sweat_smile:.

Thank you

He posted an update on GitHub explaining.

Oh damn, how did I miss this?

Thank you

I came here with the similar question, after reading @OllisGit explanation, I still have no answer.

Is it best to have both installed for the time being with the future intent of a full change over to SpoolManager, there is no conflicts?

He's prioritising new features and active development in the Spool Manager plugin, whilst providing bug fixes and minor improvements to Filament Manager, since that was not originally his plugin.

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Thanks, I'll keep both. I hope that there is a solution I can rely on with my MK3 MMU2 and MK2.5 running on 1 Raspberry pi. I think this is causing issues. I haven't got to the bottom of it