Filamentmanger, external database, mysql5?


hi there,
i´ve got a second printer and a second raspberry pi.
so my idea is to share the database for both raspi´s.
but i won´t install a postgresql on one of these raspi, because i have a NAS running a mysql 5 server.
so, it is possible to share the database above my nas? and if the answer is yes, how will i do this?

thanks 4 help


Hi @dogson!

You can set the file path in OctoPrint Settings -> Folders -> Folders -> Upload Folder

It should be possible to connect your NAS via the IP address.
But just the file folder, not the SQL. Maybe someone else has an idea.


I think dogson was asking exclusively about using a central DB, not centralizing the files. Using a central PG DB is supported and in the plugin config, but I don't know if the plugin creator added support for other databases, you should probably ask in their github issues.


thats right, and i will do that, thxx


hi, thxx for your answer, but i dont wont to share filez between clients. i want to share the database (of course the content) between them. and thats may happen above may NAS running a mysql server.