File order pin after upload datum as default, possible?

Hi all
is there a way to permanently pin file order to sort by upload datum!?
Default is sort after name, but es for me I use 100% upload datum, it would be nice to pin that as default
Mostly I think after reboot it jumps back to name.

Thanks in advance

Yes, there is:

Just click the wrench above the file list.


And it stays at that setting.
Maybe a browser thing.

Yes thanks, that is what I do all the time, but it is not permanent until the next reboot
I am looking for the option to select as default

I clicked it once and it stayed there.

What browser are you using?

did you try a shutdown or reboot?
Tried it out with Firefox and Chrome its all the same again and again it jumps back to the name filter

All the time. I'm setting up Klipper for my T-Rex 3 these days and there are frequent reboots.

A assume noscript disabled for OctoPi and cookies enabled.

noscript is of and cookies are enabled .
Dont think that it has to do something with that es it clearly happens after reboot.
So for whatever reason it jumps back.

So the main question remains, where is the default set in octoprint and can this be changed
the wrench is just a UI switch.

You may try this:

ok Thank will give it a try

Default sorting and such get persisted in local storage of the browser. It looks like something is clearing that for you on reboot.

after that I have a new clue!
If it is stored in the local browser and a use "ccleaner" from time to time to clear up cache,
on my other Laptop there is no ccleaner because it runs on linux,
in spite of that I had the effect half an hour ago same there.
I am not sure if I had used F5 to refresh the octopi page.

Try to reproduce it on purpose and keep it in mind.

Thank you

I feel octoprint would gain if, in addition to the current handling, there was also an optional setting in config.yaml to set the default sort order for the files list.

Not unlike @Doprintityourself it feels like I have to click on that wrench and select Upload datum descending again and again. My cookies are usually on "delete when browser ends" and I suspected the setting died with that just like google search makes me click agree to something I'm opposed too again and again.
Local Storage should have a longer half life. Still, browsers storing data on user's machines - it is a war zone.With tracking and fingerprinting there are good reasons to clear browser data in short intervals.

On top of that it's not me and my browser, more like 5 different browsers on 2 or 3 boxes. Firefox, Waterfox, Chromium, brave, Opera, even Safari on the laptop. A browser window often represents a project and since I know of no way to name a window - it always picks the title of the current tab - I tend to use different browsers for different projects.

I don't want to bore you with my habbits, just telling this to point out that there are use cases where it makes sense to have server side settings for something like the sort order of files.

Stays for a browser session, if I close the tab it reverts to Name, not upload date. Tedious.
I use Vivaldi generally to manage printers. Chrome without the spyware.

Check your browser's settings to see if you allow OctoPrint's local storage to persist across sessions - sometimes you can setup exclusions for specific sites, but not sure about Vivaldi.

Have you something like Clear cookies on exit activated?

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FWIW Is persistant here. OctoPrint 1.6.1 Python 3.7.3 OctoPi 0.18.0, Win 10 Waterfox and Firefox

In Waterfox, I managed cookies to "allow" for my IP address for my Octoprint instances and it now seems to work as advertised!
Thanks so much for pointing this out as I never would have thought about this being required.

Thank you so much !!!

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