FileManager - Needs work

Hey all,

I currently use the filemanager plugin. I find that the "additional data" gets deleted when moving files around with that plugin. Cut and paste from the current directory to a newly created directory moves the additional data. Enter the newly created directory, paste it there, the "additional data" is gone.

Anyone else seen this?

I think a better, fully tested, file manager, should be native to octoprint over what is currently available with this plugin.

Thanks for all the work on this project.

Can not confirm this ?!?

After moving:

I can replicate what I see every time. The key is not to enter the newly created directory, prior to pasting. Stay in the current one, highlight the new directory, and paste it there, it's fine. Enter into the newly created the empty directory, paste it there, additional data is lost.

...must have something to do with json parseing and with octoprint wanting to create .metadata.json.


I note that there is a feature (turned ON by default) which says something like "ignore empty folders under ~/.octoprint/uploads". Click the wrench icon and see if you can find it and reverse the setting.