Fire or Flame detection


Be gentle here people, I am NOT a programmer and have just started fiddling around with Raspberry PI and Arduino Uno(s) with my nephew.

He found this awesome little Arduino project for a fire/flame detector and it occurred to me that this might be a fairly simple thing to add to Octoprint, whereby a fire/flame sensor could be hooked to USB and then placed near a 3D printer so that a Raspberry PI could monitor it and if something goes badly wrong Octoprint could potentially kill the print job(s) and send out an alert.

My thinking is that this could be a MAJOR safety improvement for 3D printers, but I'll be honest that my development skills aren't anywhere near up to the task at this point so any pointers, tips, comments, or if someone wants to take this idea and run with it... all would be appreciated.


It is probably possible to use the Octoprint camera to detect fire or
flame, I would expect the image to be noticeably different between
"Not on fire" and "on fire"

But, how much help is that? Getting a message that your printer is on
fire might not allow you to do anything about it.
It probably makes more sense to fit an automatic fire extinguisher,
but unfortunately those cost more than a cheap printer:


Getting an alert, and being able to call 911, probably more helpful than coming home to find my house already burned down.


In my mind, this is much too late in the process. Before there is a flame or fire, there is smoke. A smoke detection circuit would be the best way of preventing a burned-down building.


Just getting started with a 3D printer and I'm setting up Octoprint this weekend. I'm a casual developer so I could try taking on a plug-in for this, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had any success before I start diving into it myself.

Smoke/fire/flame detection seems like one of those things that would be a high priority for anyone with a 3D printer so I'm surprised this isn't already done.


I've seen some digital air quality sensors but they're kind of pricy. I've actually purchased a CO2 sensor for them for one of my projects.

Maybe this could help.


Yes, that's exactly what I was looking at. There are some IR flame sensors as well. I figure a combination of one of those devices and a Smart Plug would at least let you kill the power and send an alert prior to a catastrophic fire.