Firmware updatet plugin does not apprear in the plug-ins area


First let me thank you for the fantastic project. Octoprint is atomic!

I installed the Firmware Updater (I can find it as installed in the plugin manager - installed plugins). However, it doesn't show under the Plugins section (see image here below).

Surely I must be missing something. Can you assist?

Many thanks in advance


I'm afraid the screenshot you posted isn't very helpful. How about a full screen view?


Hi, here the complete screenshot.

I am expecting the Firmware Updater plugin on the bottom left hand side, under Plugins, right?


Yes, that is where it is on my system. Can we see the Plugin Manager screen with Firmware Updater showing, please?


here it is - of course, ion the middle of a print now... But stopped the server and rebooted (a few times actually), re-installed that plug-in manually to be on the safe side, etc...