[fixed] USB Drive Setup shows strange Drawer in uploads

i start with a new install and used my USB Flashdrive for the setup.
• flashing with SD Cloner
• plugin in the flash drive in one of the USB ports at the raspberry
• starting the raspberry and everything is working.

BUT in my upload drawer there are some entries that I must delete after every startup of the raspberry.
Any ideas to change this behavior?

Are you using octopi?

Yes, the latest version 0.17

You got the image file from here:? OctoPrint.org - Download & Setup OctoPrint
Maybe SD cloner does something weird.

Hi, yes this is the Image I used.
all working with no problems but on setting should be use the upload drawer.

I have never seen anything like this.
As a workaround I would suggest to change the upload folder

Referring to this: http://david.herminghaus.nl/de/anleitung/samba-active-directory-drucker-freigeben, the folders are part of a Samba (paper)printer server


Well that it. I comment out the printer part in samba config file and after the boot the drawer no more appears :slight_smile:

TNX Ewald

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Nice you found it. Could you please: PSA: Please mark the solutions to your topics as such

I will but I don't have this icon to close this topic :thinking:

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