Folding@Home - let's contribute some processing power to the fight against this bloody virus!

I just learned that you can now contribute processing power to the fight against Corona via Folding@Home:

I just installed the client and my GPU is now running under full load.

I created a team for the OctoPrint community to join, so if you are folding too, feel free to join the team! The number is 239813 and it can be found here (at least once the Folding@Home servers recover from the current onslaught and don't produce one error after the next).


Count me in

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Joined! Lets fight this together!

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downloaded. only gives a choice of 4 diseases... alzheimers, Parkinson's, Huntingtons and cancer...

But it's crunching away

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Select "any". It's a bit weird but Covid-19 stuff is in there and currently gets priority.

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Already there - but joined the team...

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Let's hope there'll be more work soon, right now my rig is sitting idle, no work units available :sweat_smile:

I have been Folding@Home for 9 years. Recently, there have been major problems with the servers that distribute Work Units (WUs) to the clients. They need to rewrite their communications layer to better handle less than perfect conditions. With current code, the client will often hang forever if the transmission of the WU isn't perfect.

For a while, it was just one Work Server (WS), located at Temple University. If I blocked that IP with my firewall, I went back to normal folding activity. In the last week or so, other WS have started "acting up" so I'm not sure if the issue can be solved with the current client software.

No work units available seems to be happening with much higher frequency but it appears that the client is properly recovering from this error.

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The disease choices are "hardcoded" so Covid-19 won't appear (if ever) until an updated client is released. "Any" is the correct choice which lets the assignment servers select your work units based on what is available.

There's lots of good information at but in a nutshell, it appears that new clients are signing up faster than they can get new work units generated so many clients (new and old) are seeing no WU available.

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Makes sense.
I'm folding away!

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Got our current team stats to load by pure chance:


Pumping out those work units...

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I'm having WU-envy. Who's this ctb person? @ctbaker, perhaps?

I logged in as EddyMI3D

I made a stab at repurposing my Ethereum rig over to this but couldn't get it going. I'll need to throw a display on there later to figure this out.

Finally got the stats page to load again (F@H seems to be under horrible load, which I guess is a good thing).


Thanks for posting this. I downloaded a couple of hours ago. Still waiting to get an assignment.

Got exactly one work unit today, and have one on 'waiting to send results' for a couple of days already. There are definitely too many clients available now :blush:

Finally got my assignment. It took about 15 hours or so from the time I downloaded FAH. Of course, like a dummy I shut my machine down last night, rather than leaving it running. I'm making up for some lost time by turning it up to full folding power now. (I don't mind the CPU load when I'm just catching up on emails.)

I'm still waiting for a result to upload that's been sitting on my disk for almost 24h now :sweat_smile: Servers are still a bit overwhelmed it seems.