Freezing if I cancel print


Hi, I updated the octoprint yesterday, since I noticed two problems.

  • The IP address has changed by itself (is going from 41 to 42), it's not really a problem but it's strange.

  • When I cancel a print, octoprint freeze, I have to disconnect and reconnect, I did not have this problem before the update.

Octoprint is installed on a raspberry 1B

Thank you for your work.


the IP thing is normal for a home network, assuming you haven't changed things, the IP will occasionally change. ("dhcp lease time").

Please post log files for the cancel:


Here is the last .log I have,
I have to cancel a bad print after a few minutes,
when I cancel this, all the system freeze, the printer stop but i can't make anything in octoprint.

The, for this time, I disconnect the USB connection between the Raspi and the printer, then I reconnect and Login in octoprint, then i re-work.

octoprint.log (20.5 KB)


Since this is a problem between OctoPrint and your printer, also post a serial.log. Your log file sadly doesn't contain anything that hints at what's going on here.


Thank you for anwser,
here is the file.
Hope this help.

here is the file.serial.log (148 Bytes)


No, sadly not because you forgot to enable the serial.log. It's disabled by default for performance reasons. It's all explained in the topic that @tedder42 shared. Please enable serial.log, then reproduce the issue, then provide the resulting log.