Full Raspberry Pi OS build - Setting up HAProxy

The instructions for setting up OctoPrint on a full version of Raspberry Pi OS say (in relation to the HAProxy configuration file), "Make sure you replace "" with your Raspberry Pi IP". I do not understand why. My Raspberry Pi gets its IP address via DHCP; as such its IP address may vary. Does this imply that the Pi MUST have a fixed IP address -or- Can I address it by name, e.g. RPi403W (or even localhost) -or- can I just leave it as-is with (synonymous with localhost)?

Hmm, I don't think that part of the guide is correct. From the edit history, it looks like @Nick-Z0 about a month ago. I don't believe it is correct and so I've removed that line for now.

@Nick-Z0 - if that line had further meaning, please let me know and we can figure out what should be there.

Yeah, that line makes no sense. haproxy is supposed to reverse proxy locally, so is always correct.

Errr ... Which makes me wonder why it didn't work with and did work when I put in the specific address (blush!). I will go back to the original .cfg and try that again. Maybe I mis-typed something.

It's all good. works fine. I think the browser tried to change it to https:, but I have not yet enabled SSL.

Holy wow: Then there's getting the webcam going - a bit more work to do yet, although the same procedure that is documented for Buster apparently works for Bullseye. Wish me luck.

Sorry, I guess I got it wrong then. For my setup I had a static ip and I think I had to change this if I remember correctly. Now it works fine for me though.

Feel free to correct the guide.

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Ok. I got all the way using Setting up OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS (Debian); however I found the "old" content unhelpful, some of the composition and wording a bit awkward, and still one or two significant typos. So, as I went along, I edited it down to a (hopefully) clearer version applicable to Bullseye only. This is available as a docx and/or a PDF, but I now find that I am unable to post either of those types of documents. If someone wants to let me know where to send them, I'll be happy to do so. Thanks for the interesting journey!