Full Screen Terminal Output


I quite like watching the GCODE flyby when my Ender 3 Pro is doing its thing - is there a plugin to get a full screen output of this?


Have you visited the Terminal tab lately? That's what it does.

Okay, so it's not full screen. But the Themeify plugin could help you a little in that regard. I know that I've tweaked my own so that the height of the Terminal output takes up much more of the screen. Once you have the aspect ratio correct doing that, then just use your browser's zoom feature and scroll so that the terminal output is the only thing you see. Search for "pimp" on the forum for more details.

Its precisely the terminal tab I'm on and mentioned terminal output in the topic header?

...and yes, I'm looking for it in full screen.

I've got the Themeify plugin and today found a way to make the whole OctoPrint interface wider (while Googling how to make the terminal output fullscreen) but came down to typing a bunch of stuff copied from a picture which I didn't understand. However still not what I wanted.

I'll try searching for 'pimp' but do wonder what kind of results I'm going to get so if there is anything specifically related to what I'm asking for a link in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Pimp my Interface is where we list the Themeify tweaks we've done.

Perfect, thank you