FYI 1.7.0 Enclosure plugin no longer fully functional

Hello All. I just finished an ABS print with my heated chamber that is controlled by the Enclosure plugin with a Crydom relay and a DS18B20 Sensor. I decided to upgrade to 1.7.0, after the upgrade the temp senor still accurately reads the temperature of my enclosure, but will no longer actually trigger the gpio pin. The enclosure plugin simply leaves the pin in the off state no matter what, as the author of the enclosure plugin has abandon the project so he can go to school there is little hope this will work ever again.

Maybe its just me and something went wrong in the upgrade, but I wanted to warn people incase there are others that Print ABS or PC and need heated chambers outside of their printers normal control.


Hi :slight_smile:

It would probably be the best if you report this issue on the plugins github issue tracker.
Please also include your systeminfo bundle ZIP file with the report.

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I would but like I said the plug in is abandoned so not much since in even posting there. If you look on that page you will see for yourself the maintainer is not answer any tickets, posted some pi in the sky new hardware and then went back to radio silent.

Looking for new plugs that do this is not turning out so well, looking like maybe need to simply move the heater controller to an external controller and do that.

AFAIK, this plugin is officially not abandoned.

The development is paused.

BTW: These are the abandoned plugins:

To be fair, it actually looks pretty abandoned considering that the "short hiatus" notice has been in place over a year now and there seems to be no activity at all on an opened recent issue on the status of the project either.

I also found this ticket that could be related:

It is totally fine to step away from plugin development, so this is not a dig at the author, however at this point it could be worth declaring it as abandoned and looking for a new maintainer through the usual process.

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Sadly I don't have the skills to sort this but it would be a real pity if such a useful plugin died a slow death.

I wonder what is the etiquette related to apparently but not declared abandoned plugins?

Usual approach is opening an issue, asking if the plugin is still maintained, and if there's no reply (or a negative one) within 14d, open an abandoned plugin ticket on the plugin repository. I've piggybacked on to an existing ticket on the repository this morning, asking for a reaction within 14d, and Vitor has already replied and shared some info, so let's see where that leads us :slight_smile:

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I went ahead and opened a ticket there, provided a couple system bundles for comparison between reboots. as well as tested the temp sensor and gave more detailed around the time line and events before during and after.

Its still hard to say to me where the issue lies, given the reboots but the temperature sensor does seem to update.