FYI: Disabled uncategorized topics


I noticed that a couple of people where creating obvious support topics without selecting the "Get Help" category, effectively putting them into the "Uncategorized" topic which made them easy to miss.

To prevent this from happening in the future I've now disabled the possibility to create uncategorized topics in the first place. To still allow for things that don't entirely fit in any of the existing categories however there's now a "General" category - I also moved the existing uncategorized topics there.


I would suggest pinning the About the General category post to the top of that section, and perhaps including a note along the lines of "If you are requesting help, please post in the Get Help" category.

Hopefully, this will help avoid having two sections become the help request area.


Done just that. The "General" category is also at the very very bottom of the category selection list on the new topic form. I'll bet you though that within the week we'll get at least one stray topic popping up there that should have gone to "Get Help" - people don't read :wink:


I'm sure you are correct. We can only hope that it heads of some of the misplaced topics.